Celebrating 10 yrs of Friendship

// May 19th, 2009 // Decade Edition

Hi everybody,

This is durgesh, celebrating 10 yrs of our frenship with this new edition of 5worms website.

9 Responses to “Celebrating 10 yrs of Friendship”

  1. DG says:

    Please check for the speed guys, i think its faster then before. I have updated it and please check in FireFox.

  2. manish says:

    I cud n’t able to update my profile… anything why it is comsuming time in evry page visit. Its really slow execution and in evry page error come with Object doesn’t support this property or method. While V-scrolling the page it take lots of time. In Born Today section All the names are unknown actually who are they ? Y don’t you put celeb’s name. After i login my blog, In Profile section ur info was not loaded.

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